For those who might read some of what is on this website and ask: how could she have anything else
interesting to say?  

Journeying the long-slow-road from $1.50 in the early 1980s to a company grossing $20 million in the
year 2000, From the year 2000 to 2003, biding and being awarded federal oil contracts that would have
grossed  approximately $4  billion between 2003-2008. Then in 2004, back to approximately $1.50, Not
but it felt like it. And still" I Stand" is a notable journey...

It was not a boring journey. I was in an Industry that I  learned after the "facts", I was not suppose
to-be, and definitely, not
suceed in...

Even before Dr. Martin L King said "If you are a ditch digger, be the best ditch digger that you can be".
I was
trained to work that way.

Being in the oil Industry was no-way similar to taking candy from a baby. For me it was daily, more
like, trying to stay out of the belly of the whale......

After being in the oil distribution and transporter business for 7 years, I was blackballed  by  select  oil industry people  from 1999 to April 2010. I begin  
writing  In Spite of I Stand as a journal  in 2005. It was  my way of
 healing, understanding, and moving forward without angry.  I realized
select industry treatment toward Donlyn satisfied their
animalistic needs to protect, what they perceive, as their territory.

If I had been told the Donlyn journey would unfold, in the end' as it did, I would have sworn it would have killed me. In Donlyn's
final two years on life support,  I felt like I was viewing someone else's life from a distance.

My research led me to many sources of information trying to heal and understand. The most informative being “The life of John D
Rockefeller SR. By Ron Chernow.  The acclaimed, award-winning author of Alexander Hamilton described John D. Rockefeller Sr.
As “the terror of his competitors, the bogeyman of reformers, the delight of caricaturists—and an utter enigma”.

Even thought this is often written as I, the Donlyn's staff was superior . The office was run by all females and they were excellent.
The 20  out of about 100 tanker drivers , the ultimate "Donlyn Crew",  were some of the best  drivers in the industry. Hazardous
material transporter drivers are considered the most prestigious drivers. They are transporting explosive material.

After my research, I understood many of the tactics from almost 100 years ago, John D Rockefeller Sr  were utilized in crushing
Donlnyn Distribution. My company of 20 years.  They are common tactics used when one believes one's present in select
industries diminishes who they are, their power, and importance both in select industries, and as an individuals. That coupled with
seeing one as strong competition puts one's company on the top of their elimination list.

The first step of the hatchet men is to involve the leader in an illegal act. That way the leader cannot complain to the authorities,
because you are, now,  liable for a crime. If that fail, they try to discredit the leader, or the company. When that fail, they move to
the next stage. Push one to the brinks financially. Their plan is that one will do something certifiable crazy under their applied
financially pressure. If you do that , the hatchet men have you where they want you. Now whatever bad things they do to you, if
you protest, the  stage has been set for the authorities, and the public to deem you unbelievable and crazy. As in "We" would
never do that to them! Since I was not a party to any of their tactics. Donlyn simply died a long slow, very painful financial death..  

It was hard to believe so much energy and money would go into crushing such a small company. Then It occurred to me, there is
no need  to work at,  or spend millions of dollars to stop someone who is not going anyplace. A bad business like a bad employee,
give them a minute, they will fire themselves. Since they wanted Donlyn out of the industry, they had to keep raising the
elimination bar.
Donlyn was not falling , but rising!

It was not the current size of Donlyn. It was who I am, where I came from, the courage with work ethics that I have, my ability to
attract employees with the same work ethic, and treat them with the ultimate respect that they deserved.  All of this painted a clear
picture of where Donlyn was going. It was our capabilities. We had survived all the hell BP had thrown our way.  For that reason
Donlyn Distribution had to be abolished by any means necessary short of my death. The intent was to do it in a manner that we
would never rise up again.

To move forward, I had to accept the politics of it. It was, what it was. I could not be angry.  However, what an education the
Donlyn journey was for a country girl, growing up on a farm in Ms, came North looking for a “Promise Land,” found it, succeed far
beyond expectation. Then lost it , because it was successful!
The story is History. That cannot be changed. It happened.

It is one of many stories of how to control who is allowed a seat at select tables...

It is rare for one to enter the door of select industries without help from others in a position to help you. This was true in Donlyn's
case.. To be clear this is not a writing bashing all powerful White Men as "Bad People" fitting my descriptions above.  My mentors
in the oil business were White Men. They were the only ones in a position to help, and the select ones did. That included, from the
beginning, a BP Executive. He had retired from BP. About a month after his retirement, the BP hatchet  men went into their full
blown eliminate  Donlyn mission.  

Another focus point of the elimination process is to send a strong message to those who are brave enough to help one enter
select door is: this is what happens when you make us look less then who we are. You opened the door for one whom we deem
beneath us.  They are undeserving of our financial and other benefits, regardless of their proven capabilities...

In the end, I concluded that there always have been, and always will be far more good  people who are not threatened, but  inspired by the success of
another.  Many of those were helpful to me.. They continued to be supportive doing the fall.

However, because of the politics, there was no one powerful enough to make the BP "Hatchet Men" back off. All I wanted was to be left
alone for one year to complete the contract I was working on .
It is rare for one to enter the
door of select industries
without help from within the
industry. This was true in
Donlyn's case. This is not a
writing bashing all powerful
White Men as "Bad People."  
My mentors in the oil
distribution and transport
business were White Men.
They were the only ones in a
position to help. Select brave
ones did. One of them was a
BP Executives.
Donlyn Short Sumary "The Life of
My journey is one of
many examples of
how to control, who is
allowed  a seat at
"select" tables...
January 21,2018