Donlyn started out with one used BP Truck  and a leased trailer as an oil transporter. Once the door was opened by one of my mentors,
a BP executive, we figured out the rest and was moving forward with our plan. He was-not a snake. He had my back until he retired.  I
was determined that he would not be sorry that he gave me the opportunity. Donlyn would not be an embarrassment for poor
performance.  Actually my mentor did imply that snakes were known to be in the Industry before he opened the door. I thought: why
would they ever bother me? I guess that was the country girl naivete...

The BP Hatchet men came on full force after my mentor retired. My daughter, the attorney had joined the Donlyn staff. She worked with
Donlyn's staff. They secured contracts with the major railroads for Donlyn as a general contractor. We had in place  working contracts
moving rails for three major railroads. She renegotiated our insurance for almost 50 percent less. She also renegotiated our Driver Union
contract for less than 50 percent. We changed Unions and states. So much was going right.

I  moved the Donlyn headquarters from Summit IL  to the new office building in Joliet IL. I had just had the building built. The same week
that we moved,  the  BP Hatchet Men Breached the contract that I had with them for the Chicago Transit Authority. The contract had
about 20 month left. The BP Hatchet Men get their scrip directly from hell, and they play it well. The Chicago Transit Authority was our
largest source of in come.  We purchased the fuel from BP and sold it to the Chicago Transit Authority. In hindsight, We should have
seen this set up. There had been several other set ups, but either they did not work, or we knew that is what they were, and did not
engage in.

Advice: when your work environment is known toxic, beware of the: "Here is what we can do for you"!!

Within a couple of months we had a contract with the Chicago public schools supplying fuel for the school buses. That worked for about
6 months. The representative I was working with left the company. The new Guy had a BP smell. The contract ended.

We had begin talks with American Airlines. They were open to working with Donlyn in supplying jet fuel. That is, if we could get through
the maze with the oil companies. American's representatives said the oil companies were not always nice to them either.

The representatives with the Railroads,  American Airline and Michelin North America seem pleased to have someone diversifying the oil
industry. We had gotten millions of dollars  awarded in federal contracts. They were to begin in about 12 months supplying fuel to the
military facilities.

For Michelin tire, we had inked a contract for number six oil. As much as we could supply. Michelin was  making tires for the military I
assumed. The Iraq war was in full force. Michelin Representative, really tried hard to work with Donlyn, but I was sinking deeper in debt
daily. At this point, Donlyn had been fighting the BP hatchet men for three years. However, we begin to supply the oil to Michelin. I
believe they paid us within 24 hours of the delivery. Thats is how I was able to do it. I had gotten a loan from my son also.

After four days, the refinery we were purchasing the Number six fuel from was, allegedly,out of the product. The next nearest refinery
that had the product was 300 miles away from the delivery point.  By the time I worked out the logistics of getting the oil delivered to the
Michelin location by train, I was more financially challenged. Even then, the Michelin representative said if we found a way to work it out,
the contract was still Donlyn's. It is important for me to note:this is a White-Man that I never met face to face.I nor my assistance never
met the American Airline Representative either.
I applaud Michelin tire and American Airline to this day. Now that I am modeling, I
want to do a commercial for them. I guess in a way, I already am. They gave me hope in mankind in some of my darkest days.
That hope is how I survive...

After four years of hanging on, the BP's elimination plan referenced on the home page is  closing in on me. Later doing my research, I
found that  Morgan Stanley was one of the largest supplier of number six oil in the United States at that time.. That had been a political
move a few years prior. Number six oil is often referred to as heating oil. With that revelation, all I could say was: "Damn", I sure know
how to pick my competition.

I am a person who have lived my entire adult  life on Faith. I could have walked away sooner, but so many things were going right .Even
the federal government representatives were giving me time to pull it together. They were rooting for me. So many people who knew the
working of the Oil Hatchet Men were rooting for me to be successful. Even though BP Bre
ached the contract, The key person working in
the oil department for the Chicago Transit Authority always gave Donlyn the best references whenever we needed them.

She said Donlyn gave excellent services in fulfilling the contract.  She was right in the middle of some dangerous maneuvers. Her job
could have been on the line for her supporting Donlyn. She could have coward-ed out, ran or lied, as some CTA personnel did,  but she
did not . She used the authority that she had. She told the truth in answering the questions she was asked about Donlyn, even though the
truth favored Donlyn, versus BP's and the Chicago Transit Authority. I admired, appreciated, and respect her to the utmost for that. The
sources checking  Donlyn's references knew BP Hatchet Men would lie . They wanted to speak with the sources who benefited from our
work. Had she lied, we may not have gotten the work that we did. Although, I did have reference letters from my retired  BP mentor
applauding Donlyn's work. He was not embarrassed after opening the door for Donlyn.

Another sign I thought was from God that I would be able to survive. I was literally struggling to keep the lights on. We moved into the
newly built building December 22, 1999. We had a security light installed on a pole near the gate.. The light company only billed us for
the light on the pole for four years. I knew it,  but I prayed that by the time they realized the mistake, I would be able to pay the bill.

Even the new building was a miracle. I got it  build for 50 percent less than a contractor of the same identical building had offered me. I
had been in real estate construction.  I knew how to coordinate the project. I was the general on the Donlyn building.I got the permits in
records time. The neighbor in the near by building asked me how I got the permit so fast? I said: I went to their office at 9:00 AM
prepared to work from there all day. I gave them the paper work that they needed. I explained why I needed the permits that day. They
gave me the permit at 3:00PM.

The phone, another what I interrupted as a miracle. One Friday the phones were turned off. I did not have the approximate
$2,000.00 to pay the bill. I was on the phone with the phone company for over two hours. I talked to every one from managers, to
managers of managers and super managers. I was trying to get the phones turned back on. I was told "No". I come into the office the
next day, Saturday morning and the phone rings.. I always wondered if BP paid the bill. We never got another phone bill .BP could not
track our movements without the phones. When I say "Them Boys" play to win, they leave no stones unturned." Meaner Than The Junk
Yard Dogs"!!!. Forget snakes(-:)

Speaking of  "Junk Yard Dogs" The only time I shed  tears was when I allowed the Auto-Repo  people to make a fool out of me. I was
late on my car note. I owed $1,500.00.  I told the loan company that I would bring them the money by 5:00 PM the following day.
However about 11:00 AM, my assistant call me to the window as the tow truck was hauling my car away.

About 20 minutes later, recovered from the tears, and out of  shock, I was on the phone with an attorney to file Chapter 7.  I used the
$1,500.00 for the filing. The following day, just before sundown, to minimize gossip and sympathy, I called one of my friends, Direne.
She is an excellent fearless driver. Direne drove me to the Auto-Repo company to pick up my car. The company was in the Back-Woods
of Indiana. It was located at the end of what seem like a  2-3 mile long dirt road. The road had holes and spotty gravel. In the Auto-
Repo yard, there was what appeared to be,maybe five of the meanest dogs, one might ever see!  Additionally, around the yard  was a
few big old creepy looking trees. The place looked like someplace they might have Lynched Black people back in the day.  Direne drove
a beautiful Cadillac. My car was a navy blue Saab convertible with excellent pick-up and gravity.  It felt like Direne was driving 100 miles
per hour leaving what looked like hell. I am not one who drives at high speed. I could hardly see the road because of the flying road dirt
and gravel created by her car. However with the excellent pick-up and gravity of my car, I was right behind her... I was: thank you God
for getting us out of there before sundown. (-:)

With the BP hatchet men determination to eliminate Donlyn, I was told that I was blessed to be alive. Someone told me I had, not-only,
the full Armor of God's protection, but Jesus,and a few hundred Saints. I accept that, and for that I am eternally grateful.

Almost four  years later, my home and what investment property I have is in deep four closure some foreclosed on. The office building
went into foreclosure. Allegedly BP hatchet men had something to do with the purchase of the office building property.. Therefore, even
if I had won the lottery, I could not have purchased the property back. Allegedly they checked my credit every 30 days to see how fast I
was falling. This is dirty dealing, I would never have imagined.

The Michelin Tire, American Airline, Railroad, federal Government and  the Chicago public school transportation representatives, the
telephone Company representatives, Chicago City Transit Authority's representatives, I admired and respected each of them. Actually
my thinking was: If I get to the ultimate top, if they are open, I would hire them. I am always interviewing people. The point of this
reference is for everyone to know their value in any job. It is very important to the entire puzzle. You never know the difference that you
are making in another persons life.  Don't base your value on the amount of your pay check. I never have. Maybe some bosses think the
"buck" stops with them. That is a lie.

Employees can take one down faster than one's board if they choose. It is in one's best interest to treat your employees with respect.
When you treat them with respect, they will often do awesome things for the company-you that you can pay a person to do. My
employees did. Additionally,If they are good and know it, they can always get another job.

BP asked me how I motivated my staff. What they really wanted to know was how I  got so much accomplished with so little? They
knew that they were under paying Donlyn. They could not understand how a small company like Donlyn could get so much done
efficiently. Me being naive,I was impressed that this 100 year old company would ask me such a question?  What I did not tell them
was: it begins with sincerely caring, respecting and appreciating my staff and their skills. Thereby, encouraging them to think, and not be
afraid to use their skills; reinforcing that with: you might make a mistake sometime, but so will I. Example, I did tell BP  about Donlyn's
saving Bond plan..The next thing I knew, BP had implemented my plan. With the BP implementation of my plan,  BP cut back on the
amount of work they allocated to Donlyn drivers, thereby reducing Donlyn's drivers income. In spite of this, Donlyn just kept on rising.
Therefore, with Donlyn's continuing to rise in spite of BP's conniving trickery, BP felt they had no choice, since they wanted Donlyn out of
the industry, but to implement their "Junk Yard Dogs" strategy!
I do not regret the journey. I wish it could have had a happy ending. I wanted to build Donlyn up for an additional four years with all the
contracts working. Some select Federal contracts were being extended to 10 years. I wanted to sell the majority interest in Donlyn and
go after my dream career. Oil was just suppose to be the financial means to my first career choice and humanitarian work.

It is notable that Donlyn had an excellent safety record. I got every
useless certificates-stop Gate paper- the government threw my way.

It is also notable that when BP had the explosion in 2010 that killed 11 people: “OSHA statistics show BP ran up 760 "egregious, willful" safety
violations, while Sunoco and Conoco-Phillips each had eight, Citgo had two and Exxon had one comparable citation.”)

In the end I have my integrity. No one can take who I am.  I love who I am.   So many people wanted me to continue in
the oil industry. It would have been a validation of good over evil. We all needs that validation at some point in our lives.
When I reflect on my treatment from BP, I am
reminded of the story about the man who picked
up the snake, then was surprised when the snake
bites him. The snake replied: you knew I was a
snake when you picked me up, why are you
surprised that I bite you? 
Barbara Mitchell
I am thankful to God that
I am still standing
regardless, I like who I
Donlyn Short Summary "The Life Of