April 19, 2010

My train of thought in  April 2010 was:  nothing that I have tried business wise over the last 10 years had been
financially productive, or developed into a working business. I have some business ideals, but I need money, real
money for all of them. I am not even attempting to borrow a dime. I will not fill out another useless form, or application. I
do not want to hear anything   about the Small Business Administration. I am just done with a system that only works for
the "Rich" and the "Poor." Everything that I had tried, since the year 2000, have ultimately failed in spite of my prayers,
dreams, meditation, trusting-faith and hard-work every step of the way.

I do not even want to dream anymore; I do not want to receive energy, or vibrations from any source, I chant the 91st
psalm just to go to sleep, and keep out all negative thoughts when needed.  I  have put in 10 years basically working
for-free with nothing to show for it. That was my thinking from the end of February to April 20, 2010. However, I have
not been without a working project since age five. It was at age six that my grand father built me a play house in the
front yard of our farm house;  I attended  a two room school house, from age 5 to 12. We did not have organized sports.
Some where around six years old, I became a member of the 4H club, my project
"Yard Beautifulcation" kept me busy
when I was not spending summers in Chicago. Therefore, this place of "Mute" was totally unfamiliar and extremely
uncomfortable to me. It could be described as a state of depression for me after 10 years....  

On April 20, 2010, I have no direction, no real hope and for the first time in my life, I am even tired of having Faith.  It’s
what I called just a state existence; taking up valuable space without a purpose. It’s about 11:30 PM or 12:00 midnight.
I am in bed meditating because I have to move from this state of being. I am thinking how useless all this meditation and
prayer seem to have proven to be. As I am thinking, I am reflecting back over the years since the year 2000 about how
evil BP was to me. Yet, things just continued to go well for them, and how that was such a contradiction to what I had
been lead to believe in reference to Divine order.
Finally I just want to end that matter of thinking and just go to sleep.  I begin chanting silently as I always do when I
want to end negative thoughts, relax and just go to sleep.  I dosed off, and I am awakened with this rush of what I call
good and bad vibration/energy. One second good, the next second bad. Half asleep, I am feeling frustrated because it’
s the sort of energy that I have gotten in reference to BP when I have sent a letter, filed the lien against them, or posted
something on my website about BP. However lately, I haven’t done any of those things, I am just done with BP. I
decided that maybe God just loves them more. I say Okay God, I do not want to be disturbed with this strange energy
anymore,  I just want to go to sleep.

The energy continues, it seem, for about and hour as I chant myself to sleep. About 4:00 AM on April 21, 2010, I have
this dream: A big black thick rubber tire, about 18-20 feet tall, and maybe three feet wide is slowly rolling directly toward
me. The center of the tire have  little one inch  wide, and 2 inches long steel, or iron plates directly in the center; these
little plates are a rust brown color, I notice that they are implanted in the rubber of the tire all around the entire wheel as
it rolls toward me. Even though it is a huge tire, I did not move out of the way, and I was not frightened by it at all. It was
sort of like, I was expecting its’ s arrival . I scribbled the dream down on a note pad that I keep by my bed without
turning on the light, because I do not want to fully wake up. The night before, I had dreamed that I found this big
oversizes 12 inch key in my backpack. When I got up, I looked at the note pad and thought ya, ya, ya, another
meaningless dream:

This same wheel of a sort, according my dreams for the last 10 years has been rolling in my direction. Exactly, when is
it scheduled to arrive, and exactly where is it coming from? After all, by now, Me and the Divine are really on hello
basis, considering all the jokes that, it appears, have been played at my expense the last 10 years.   It’s the morning of
April 21, 2010. The same strange energy good and bad that I experienced from about 11:00 PM to midnight is still
active, I am just ignoring it....

I am moving slow the morning of April 21, 2010. About 9:00 AM, I checked my computer. I read about the BP"s
Deepwater Horizon explosion, all I can say is: Oh my God! I hope no one is injured. Later in the day, or the next day, I
hear that some employees of the Deepwater Horizon explosion are missing. I truly-pray that they are found unharmed.
Even though, my sense tells me that will not be the case.

Even though, BP changed their name and CEO's over the years, it appears that the ''Core" of BP never changed.
Those changes includes: "BP P.L.C". , also known as  "BP Products North America Inc".," BP Amoco Corporation" and
Formerly "Amoco Oil Company";  In 2007, BP  changed top Management from John Browne CEO to Tony Hayward
CEO. After the BP Texas Explosion in 2005, Ross Pallari CEO of BP North America  was replaced by Robert Malone....
In 2008, Robert Malone was replaced by  Lamar Mackey as CEO of BP North America. With all theses changes, BP
never changed the way that BP does business, or how they treat people…. That is BP's problem. Its like changing your
underwear every few years, while never taking a bath.........

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(This is probably where I will lose a lot of readers and get written off as crazy. I remember Oprah who have
accomplished unbelievable things, not just for a "Black female, but period. I noticed how evil many people got when she
talked about her Faith. However without my Faith "In Spite of I Stand" would not be.  I would not have, even tried, and
certainly not accomplished 90 percent of the things that I did, without my Faith. To me Faith really is the substance of
thinks hope for, evident of things not seen.   Different things work for different people-My prayers, Faith and meditation
had always been my road to survival....

Early in my BP Hell, after one of many meditation and prayer session asking the Divine what could I do in reference to
BP?   It was spring of 2003, and Donlyn was, already over two years, into the “BP Hell on Earth” when I had the
following dream: My daughter and I was riding in an old model red pickup truck. (Maybe a 1950's model.) It appeared
that we were all alone in the middle of 1000's of arches of farmland. I don't recall who was driving, or if either one of us
was driving. It appeared that we were traveling on an East-West road and we were heading East.

We were traveling on a red clay dirt road. The road was very narrow, maybe 5 feet wide, just enough space for one
automobile going in one direction. There was a ditch on each side of the road. The ditch appeared to be about five feet
deep and three feet wide. There wasn't any water that I recall seeing in the ditch. It was late in the evening. The sun
was going down. We stopped at what appeared to be a little country farm store, the only structure in sight on this
narrow road and 1000s of acres of land. The wood on the outside of the store walls was sort of dusty blue washed, but
not gray. We went inside the store and asked direction of a person.

I don't remember what the person looked like, or the face at all. I do remember that they were tall and large in stature.
They seem to have worn the same bluish-white-washed color as the wood-board on the outside of country store. I
asked direction to wherever we were going. The store-keeper said: "You are going in the right direction, just stay in the
center of that road, don't look to the right, or to the left; Just stay in the center of the road, and you will get there before

That dreams had kept me motivated during the “BP trip to Hell, but when I lost my home, 3 investment properties, our
new office building, and ultimately ceased functioning as a business completely, I ask daily: exactly how dark is dark, in
Gods eyes?  I  had many dreams; Many more profound to me than the one referenced; They are all after deep prayer
and meditation.  As has been said: “We Live Life Forward, but We Can Only Understand It Backward”.... Therefore, "I
have to Run on, and See What The End Will be" to truly understand what the dreams were telling me. There is an
entire chapter on Me and the Divine in the book.....

My 03/30/2007 Prediction that Tony Hayward’s BP career would  end badly  The attached letter was one of many that I
sent to BP's Tony Hayward, Robert Malone even John Browne. I received confirmation that the letters were delivered
to the mailing addresses in London and to Malone in the U.S.. I left the letter mainly as it was mailed to Tony Hayward
back in March 2007; Since writing it in 2007, I have changed my thoughts about John Browne after realizing that he
master minded the business plan that ultimately lead to the death of now about 28 people, and injured many others.  
Based upon his book; it appears that he is still unable to feel compassion for those hurt during his time as BP’s CEO. It
seems he shares no blame, or regrets. I know the entire share holders want more, and more for their investments, but
as CEO one should feel gratitude and a responsibility toward those employed by one's company also. You cannot exist
without them. Without investors a company can exist, just not at the level that they are comfortable with.….

John Browne’s book had to be extremely incriminating to BP for it to be removed from circulation shortly after the BP
Deepwater Horizon explosion . In the old days most  “Big Boss’s” were never too-big to walk through the" Plants".
Those walks helped them to feel and understand the needs and desires of  their employees, as well as others who fits
BP Chairman Carl-Henric Svanberg  "Small People" description of “Small People” ( people with no apparent
power, or purpose beyond that of “Servant” to “Master” for the ultimate financial gain). Now more times than not, that
walk through the "Plant", level of compassion, have been exchange for the  extreme  isolation of the “Big CEO’s” from
the majority employees. This seem to aid in an CEO undeveloped " Moral Compass"......

That distance is creating something resembling, a developmental-disability-of-people-skills, a missing step (a void) in
human compassion growth, sort of like a baby who goes from sitting to walking. My son walked at 6 months, before
crawling, then after walking for three months, it appears that he got tired of walking, and at nine months he decided to
revert to crawling. The doctor told me that a lot of children do that. She said, but what’s most  important for healthy
growth is that: children do not miss any developmental stages. I wonder if some where along the way, John Browne
and Tony Hayward missed some vital developmental people-skills development; Maybe the kind that you learn on the
playground at a very early age.  Other CEO’s take notes.....

According to : "
BP Aims to Rebound With New CEO, Leaner Company Wednesday, 28 Jul 2010"  "BP PLC announced
the move nearly 100 days into a catastrophic mile-deep blowout that killed 11 workers, spewed 94 million to 184 million
gallons of oil and sapped 35 percent, or $60 billion, of BP's market value". "Robert Dudley, who will replace Tony
Hayward on Oct. 1, promised changes in light of the environmental disaster. "There's no question we are going to learn
things from this investigation of the incident," he said".

I wrote in March 2007, in the letter below to Tony Hayward that without making real changes in BP that he would be
leaving as BP’s CEO within 3-5 years. He is reported to be leaving within 3 years and 7 months.  I also predicted in that
letter that BP's profit would go down while he was CEO. Those predictions came-about, because I believe that when
one gets too-out of line being-evil, just because one can, only the Divine-laws can open one's eyes, and turn things
around. Sometimes the Divine uses the most unsuspecting ways to do that, and the most unsuspecting person to bring
your wrong doing to your attention before it happens. Its up to you to take it seriously, or ignore them as “Small People”
( without money and power that matters), and the doers of the evil just keeps laughing all the way to the bank.  
However, my prediction  come to past. BP might rise again, but not as the BP that it was before their great fall;   it is,
what it is…….What is so very sad about this, so many good people are hurt in the process of educating the evil
one's.... That is something I do not pretend to understand.

Yet from all that I have read, John Browne, the CEO that Tony Hayward replaced seem to be moving about his life still
without a clue as to any damage caused by his BP business plan.  I wonder if the article below represents one of the
few crawling times in Tony Hayward’s life, however,  before you pull out the tissue, ask yourself how much crawling
does one actually do with eighteen million dollars, and  in a recessions at that ?.

Hayward Defends Tenure, BP's Spill Response” "I became a villain for doing the right thing," Mr. Hayward said in the
interview. "But I understand that people find it easier to vilify an individual more than a company." He said he feels
some of his comments, particularly "I'd like my life back," were "wrong." “Mr. Hayward made clear he wanted to stay,
but decided it would hurt BP as its works to permanently cap the well, and repair the Gulf coastline and the company's
public image.”I didn't want to leave BP, because I love the company," Mr. Hayward said in the interview. "Because I
love the company, I must leave BP." Earlier this week, BP announced he would step down as its leader Oct. 1, 2010”

"Mr. Hayward should be less concerned about his vindication, and more concerned about what BP will do to end the
victimization of families and businesses in the Gulf," said Rep. Edward J. Markey (D., Mass.). "It will take years of
continued commitment to the restoration of the Gulf before BP has the legitimacy to engage in historical revisionism."
According to
Business Insider: BP’s Horrible Safety Record, June 2,2010: OSHA statistics show BP ran up 760
"egregious, willful" safety violations, while Sunoco and Conoco-Phillips each had eight, Citgo had two and Exxon had
one comparable citation.

I am no psychic, or I would have won the lottery and not went threw the worst financial fall of my life from the year 2000
to 2004. I believe in the Divine laws, and I know a little about history. I try to treat people like I would like to be treated;
that seem to be a golden rule that BP’s top management never heard of. I could not believe Tony Hayward had the
nerve to say “I want my life back”. I think it was that  moment that I knew I had to complete this book and quick, with
hopes that this time, in addition, to BP changing their name yet again, that someone will realize: just a Company name,
and CEO change is not enough. There must be a mind-heart-and-soul change with the strength of an exorcism within
BP to implement a Moral Compass........

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The Tony Hayward prediction that would come to pass

March 30, 2007

                                  To: Tony Hayward                                                               
From: Barbara Mitchell
Subject: Hope Reigns Eternally

Thank you for the response, if there were other official responses sent from BP after August 2005, I have not
received them. For my records, I would appreciate it, if you copy the responses previously sent, and mail
them to me at the above address.

I am pleased that you put in writing what BP’s position is. That is what I needed in writing from you. Had you
done that earlier, you would not have continued to receive my settlement request.  The fact that BP ignored
all request for funds to be allocated to repair the Texas refinery did not mean that BP never intended to
repair the refinery until it killed people, or did it?

Even though “ignoring” seems to be the BP FIX- IT-WAY, “ignoring” leaves a lot of room for possibilities,
hope, and of course all that comes with open wounds; it also leaves open the possibility and hope that even
without a mandate, you are capable of doing the "Right Thing", just because your humanism knows that it is
the "Right Thing" to do using integrity. Additionally, it was hopeful when John Browne talked about BP
establishing integrity.
I am not sure who told who what. The lawsuit was never dismissed because it had no merit. The lawsuit was
dismissed because the sabotage done to Donlyn by BP, prevented Donlyn from earning money to continue
paying for the litigation; that alone shows that BP knew that their only chance of winning was to sabotage
Donlyn financially. The truth being: BP is guilty as has been charged, and you know that.  However, BP had
enough money to buy their earthly freedom; though lacking integrity, which is the BP-Way… However for
the records, it is very important for you to know that I, and many others also know: the true reason that the
case was dismissed…

When I read the case was dismissed for “No Merit” in your response, I really wanted to puke mud-green; the
implication was to imply that BP respects the law… If BP respected the law , Donlyn would have never had a
need to file the  lawsuit ;   that is just common sense; it appears that the  BP respect of  any law is based  
upon BP’s (Profitability) evaluation of whether breaking “said law” would cost BP more then BP would earn
by not-breaking “said law”.  The BP-WAY for example: by breaking “said law” BP can earn and additional
three billion dollars.

It takes about a year for the authorities to legally accuse BP, and another year for the accusations to move
within the courts.  BP is going to fight the case for another three to five years (
occasionally 14 years see the
latest of my collection -Tanzania- attached) at a cost of a few million dollars. In the mean-time the several
billion dollars that BP received by breaking the law has moved on to earn an additional ten to twenty billion
dollars legally: when BP becomes tired of "said" legal fight,  BP will offer two to three million to settle the
case.  There-by, breaking “said law” was extremely profitable for BP…

I doubt the BP “profitability of breaking the law” rule is written in any BP manual. Nevertheless it has proven
earning power for BP. If anyone chooses to do the investigation, it would give an attorney, who thinks far
beyond the square box, an interesting slant on Illegal/legal money laundering.
So while the shallow ones want to ignore me, and write me off as some crazy lady wanting to get paid;   
shallow ones re-think…  I am a lady that thinks far beyond the outside of the shallow-square box. …

If BP did not want me writing them, BP would have put that into writing a long time before now.   Some one
was smart enough to know that what I have to say and to whom, carries an element of great danger for BP,
there-by it was better for BP to know what I have to say and to whom….  Proof being, why was Fox TV paid
millions in Advertising dollars not to show my interview with fox, and the interview said nothing by
comparison to what I could say.  Additionally BP believed as long as I thought there was a possibility that I
could get paid, I would limit what I had to say about BP. The written BP position has eliminated that
possibility.  I am free.

There were many obvious stories behind the story as to why I continued to hope that paying Donlyn would
be proof of the BP effort to establish the U.S. BP “integrity” that John Brown referred to…

On second thought, maybe that is why John Browne was asked to leave 18 months early, BP and integrity
cannot exist in the same company…
In reference to Donlyn the truth will be revealed in a manner that, even you, will have to put on triple
blinders to deny.  

You can follow suit and believe the lies that you are told. Instead of having a sense that tells you “maybe I
should really look into this. There is something difference about this”. If someone had been a little more
intuitive, they would not have ignored the signs in Texas for so long or maybe they were, but choose to
remain hopeful that the refinery would not-kill-too-many-people when it blew up.  After all, the entire budget
for repairing the refiners was much larger then the couple of $billion that BP set aside to pay for human
injuries, and lives according to what I read…   Sort of like me hoping that BP would compensate Donlyn.  I
understand hope and disappointment…

Continue running BP in that manner, and within three to five years of your being in “John Browne’s seat”,
you will be literally in his seat, leaving without even the credibility that you arrived with . The BP rulers will
have turned on you long before you will have had a chance to earn any additional credibility to lose, as John
Browne  earned by increasing the companies profits in leaps. It is; what it is…

Actually the BP profit will more than likely go down during the time that you are in John Browne’s seat.
There are many changes to come within BP and none will be able to turn the company around, unless BP
changes and corrects the wrong that they have done in their treatment of people.
BP’s rulers were grossly wrong in the matter in which they treated John Browne; that rate along beside
Donlyn and the “You Can Rot in Hell For” sort of deeds; the universe will charge BP accordingly for that.
The universe maybe the only force of power equal to BP’s power for now.....
However, this being “Passover” season, I am reminded that “Jesus” was nailed to the cross after they
whipped him up the hill, the holocaust did happen, and in addition to the “African Slave Trade”, and  still,  
economic slavery continuous.
Yet in spite of, it seems to be human nature that “Hopes Reigns Eternally”....

Yes, John Browne could have done something to prevent what happened to Donlyn. He could have said
“this little company is not worth it. They are doing a good job which we were, let them work. They are
making money for BP, and making BP look like we support minority business” etc.  “We should choose our
battles wisely”. Even if he could not identify with the pain that BP caused Donlyn, using that as a strait
business decision would have made sense. Remember that in the future.

It’s usually the straw that breaks the camels back after the building has weakened it. That’s just old folks
proven wisdom and common sense.
Maybe John Browne stills does not believe that the BP-WAY breeds a lot of inhumanness to mankind. I don’t
know. Yet, I would be lying if I said; I think that John Browne is personally getting what he deserves...  You, I
might say differently, in five years, because you should be aware of the circumstances under which you are
taking John Browne’s place.  There-by if you choose not to make the needed changes, or you are not
allowed to make needed changes, then it is just the BP destiny….

There are major problems in the Warrenville office... You really insult my intelligence to think I would
involve the FBI, Dept. of Justice and Senator Obama on some accusation with “No Merit”.  Several of the BP
staff involved with Donlyn in reference to this case were fired shortly after the lawsuit was filed. It does not
take a judge five years to dismiss a case with “No Merit” That is such an insult to my intelligence and
common sense, which currently seem to be real uncommon in BP.  

Since 2000, contract and general
abuse of “power” has been so bad that the house passed the
“Accountability in contracting Act” on March 15, 2007. Yet, BP continuous to treat people as if they are as
blind as BP selectively chooses to be.

After all the negatives that have been exposed about BP, are you really that out of touch with the company
you are designated to be the next chief of.   If you are that out of touch, you are definitely jail bound in the
next three to five years. If you investigated the Warrenville office, a lot more people would be fired. That is
where much of the Hate-Donlyn that I felt came from; there was so much fear and smallness.

I have to admit that I do not feel hate coming from John Browne.  Actually I get very positive vibration from
him. That has confused me from time to time. I was really hoping that I could get paid from BP before he left,
if that is not to be, then it is just not to be.

BP spent $ millions on Fox TV Advertising and others in their sabotage against Donlyn just because you
could. That was evil.  Then you lie saying the case was without merit. You know the BP-way, yet you
continue to lie, and deny Donlyn justice by compensation. The universe will take from BP in $ billions folds
what BP has taken from Donlyn. That is currently in motion. I admit that is my wish for BP and beyond, since
that is the only way to call  BP’s attention to the depth of their created human errors.

A lot of people benefited from BP as a result of Donlyn filing the case against BP. Many continue to benefit.  
Apparently that is what was meant to be. Just for fun, check the dollars that  BP paid to Fox news in 2004,
2005 and 2006. Compare that amount to previous years.

Per your letter attached, BP is not the only one who has the ability to hold to their position without any
intension of changing. I will not change my position without financial compensation from BP either. At this
point guess who have everything to lose and nothing to gain from holding to their position.  BP!! There is a
lot of personal BP smallness within the BP business largeness. However, I know there is a higher power. I
believe in the proven universal laws. It will be interesting to watch them work within BP.

What else does the universe need to throw at BP to get your attention? That will be interesting to see, it’s
coming….  The universal laws are the only unfailing laws. Within 10 years it might be: BP Who? If BP does
not change… Just remember I told you so....

There is a point when there is nothing left to say. If you remain out of touch with the true make-up of BP,
there is really no hope for change in how BP treats people. It will simply validate when the blind leads the
blind, everyone falls in the ditch...

I am not watching the mail looking for the five to six response letters that the legal dept. was suppose to
have sent, in case the “response” is just another example of an unnecessary BP lie…        Of course life has
been known to surprise me

Barbara Mitchell
Bcc: John Browne  

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Another reason I knew that I had to complete this book, is because of my friends and many Industry mentors who
supported me and wanted Donlyn to succeed. I wanted them to know that, their betting on me to succeed was not a
mistake. It is important for them to know that I used every legal channel I could. Additionally during the four years that I
was fighting against the BP sabotage, It was like I was trying to swim to the top of the rain, but I kept swimming. Even
after 2004, I kept swimming until 2009.   

Part of the ” BP’s strategy was to torture me into giving up by breaking me down so low financially and
emotionally that I felt lower than, “the belly of a cock roach”. Once accomplished, they  gambled that  their
torture would push me over  the edge of  “sanity”;   which , would give them the opportunity   to publicly
label me “Crazy” , thereby,  discrediting  me so no one would believe anything negative that I said about BP.
They play these mind games of, “Bingo, Gotcha”!  And BP walks away totally unscathed. The “Break Them
Down, and Discredit” game” is one of the top mind games in the  “BP's’” world; they know that it is always
easier and more expedient to do the “Wrong Thing”, because they have accumulated a lot of experience
and $ billion's of dollars doing the “Wrong Thing”.

They do this by first telling a lie, for example one lie was that one of the Donlyn drivers stole gasoline from
the residual left in the 8000 gallon tank at the end of his shift, we had to deal with that , then there was some
lie about a driver not doing something properly in delivering to a Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) barn,
where the tank area for delivering the fuel to was under construction. Well my daughter, the attorney rode-
along with the driver to the location,  climbed up on the top of the tank, and took about 100 pictures of the
process that the driver had to go through, just to get the product from the Donlyn tank truck into the CTA
tank safely. This process included   dragging about 50 to 100 feet of hose across a ditch to get to the CTA
tank.. We prove that was a lie .
There were many like that.

Then, when they cannot get you on the "Not doing your job properly"  , they always go to the big personal
discrediting; knowing that it's a lie, but you have to be distracted to prove it is a lie.  They will say you stole
money from them .

Then after I proved all there accusations were lies, even though, I  no longer work for them, but I was still
surviving in the industry, they call on their loyal industry related contacts. In my case it was the State of
Indiana and Illinois Licensing departments. With the state of Illinois and Indiana, they had my oil license
cancelled. There was an Illinois State Law that if you went a particular number of months without using your
Illinois oil license , the State could cancel it. That law was put in place by the oil Industry to control who they
choose to control. They know that it is easy to distract someone for months, besides you have to buy the
fuel from the majors Oil companies to sell. The Oil Distributors license gives you the right to buy and sell
fuel within your selected state.

Thanks to Illinois State representative Art Turner, who was the only politician who intervened on my behalf,
I got my Illinois Oil  license back.  After I got the license back,  BP had a representative from the State of
Illinois come out to my Joliet office claiming to check my trucks. He sent a report back saying  that the
license plates on my trucks was not assigned to me. Well they know all theses things are lies, but they also
know that you will be distracted while you prove them.  Additionally, since its about distracting you,
because your fixed cost is still accumulating whether you are earning money or not. They know that you
can only last but so-long without paying your bills, even keeping the phone turned on becomes a problem.

As I stated in the introduction, BP was checking my credit every 30 days it appeared, just to see how fast
Donlyn was falling, and how much more they needed to raise the bar .   Each time I would  get up, BP would
knock me down again; the next time raising their bar higher to knock me down lower. This continued until
2009 when I stop trying. Have one  ever noticed how during times  when BP is trying to repair their image,
they do a commercial with an "African American" talking about how "Good- BP- is to "Black folk and the
community", that's just another one of those: I just want me to puke moments . This is broken down in detail
in my book......

One thing BP did for-me was show-me just what a fast learner Donlyn was , and just how-good Donlyn-was
in the industry, because there is no-need t- pay-millions of dollars to-stop a person, when it is clear that they
are not going "anyplace"......

Its very important for all those who supported me to know that combined we were no match to the depth of
evilness that BP have the ability to bring; Only the Divine could knock BP down, which it did. During the BP
Deep water Disaster, while the oil was still pouring into the ocean, one of the Political Activist group sent
around a petition to sign  asking for support for the people harmed by the disaster. The solicitation included
a the statement that said: "BP had knocked a hole in "Hell''     My thoughts were: knowing what I know from
my experience with BP, If anyone had the capacity to "Knock a hole in Hell" it would be BP.......

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(On a side note in reference to the "Hole that BP knocked in Hell," there is a lot of food for thought. I have
not seen an estimate on just how much oil might be left in the Deepwater well. I wondered if it would be
safer to safely remove the oil from the well, since its thousands of years containment system was  
disturbed by BP. My fears are, because of earthquakes and shifts in the earth,  BP's best man-made
containment may not be as strong as the "oil pool's" undisturbed 1000s of years containment system....

Before the Deepwater well was closed, I  suggested in an email to Tony Hayward that BP dig 5-7 wells-
upstream, having as many of the 7 wells  pump sumptuously, as needed, to safely control the pressure
while pumping all-of the oil out in a safe manner. Of course, that would require an amazing logistic system
as to where to put the oil after it is removed from the well, since it is unknown how much oil is in the
Deepwater well;  thats another book, because what if the well contains unlimited oil?  Then what would
there be to fight wars over?  I just hope that the Deepwater  well is being monitored for leaks and cracks
almost every 30 days.)
I did read that BP  "hopes it can restart several projects in the Gulf of Mexico sometime this summer. The
drilling would involve about
10 wells to boost output in fields already producing oil, but BP would not be
drilling any exploration wells;" this does not appear to have any connection to the Deepwater well.....
However if it did, I doubt BP would want that known.....)

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This is not a book about race. It is about the middle class elimination of the financially and  politically
powerless. In fact, my book has an entire chapter called:" Legal White Males Helping my Company, Donlyn
without: Campaign Contributions (bundler's) bribe-money or sex". I had to make that clear . One would be
surprised at how many different ways I was asked that question over the years.

My "Industry"  mentors who wanted me to succeed badly were all white-men. There were no Black men, or
women even privileged to be in the business to help. Actually Bob Herron, an Amoco Executive  was my  
Mentor who gave me the opportunity. He retired from Amoco in 1996.  (That was let the battle begin "time"
and Amoco did just that. There is an entire chapter on that in the book...)  One year with three trucks and
some times only two running 24 hours, 6 days per week, Donlyn’s drivers moved 70,000,000 gallons of fuel;
that was at seven to eight thousand gallons per load. I did not learn until years later what a big deal that was.
We could have done so much more had we had the opportunity.

It was Bob Herron who informed me in writing  about the 70,000,000 gallons, after I asked for a letter of
reference from  Amoco.  It was not until after Bob Herron retired that  I fully realized the blessings of what
could have gone wrong with Donlyn working against the Amoco Evilness over the years, but did not.  I do
hope readers will take away from reading this book the lesson of yes, there are a lot of really bad people out
there, who want you to fail, but there are a lot of really good people out there also, who really want you to
succeed. They will do all that is within their power to help you to succeed.      One must encounter both on
their road to success. Good and Evil has always been, and always will be, it is how One maneuver between
the two that determines your success.
I believe God was with me more times then I knew, that I needed God to be….  

The good people were many, for example Michelin Tire  Company. The executive from Michelin tire tried so
hard to work with Donlyn long-term. We did sell number 6 heating oil used in making tires to Michelin for a
while. Then there was American Airline , the executive even went as far as sending letters to five oil
Companies that American purchased jet fuel from, asking them  to consider using Donlyn Distribution as a
2nd tier contractor  for American Airlines.  

In the American Airlines executive's  letter he stated "American Airlines has a corporate strategy to utilize
minority and women-owned businesses in all phases of our operation. As a supplier of jet fuel to American
Airlines, we are aware that there are limited opportunities for minority and  women-owned business
inclusion into the supply chain"

I practically framed his letters and the copy of the Michelin contract for number 6 heating oil,  just to remind
me that there are good people in the world. These company executives are White men going above and
beyond the call of duty .To this day,  I have never met either one of them; They were amazing beautiful
flowers of hope. It was because of what their companies management, from the top-down, had chosen to do
in reference to being the best Big-Corporations that they could be.  They did not have to pursue Donlyn to
do business with their companies. There was no enforcement of big companies compliances for working
with women and minority businesses. Especially when it came to the oil industry from 2000-2009.

During the years 2000 to 2005 (I have not checked since 2005),  Donlyn Distribution Inc. was the only Women-
Owned oil distribution company in the U.S. that had survived, and was capable of functioning at the multi $
100 Million dollar level. It had taken me 15 years in business to arrive at that level. However, BP and the oil
industry was going to do what ever was necessary to make sure that I did not go any further.....This is my
story, but I have heard of many others who experienced the same treatment from the BP types.......

In fact the Chicago Transit Authority staff did not lie under Oath during the Donlyn/ CTA/BP trial depositions.
They admitted that Donlyn was not treated fairly. In fact after the year 2000, when I no longer worked with
BP or the CTA, the CTA staff always gave Donlyn good references for the work that we did for the CTA, by
way of buying the oil from BP. I really appreciated that so very much. It would have been so easy for the
CTA staff to lie and say Donlyn did a bad job.... I realized that the ultimate mistreatment toward Donlyn was
coming from the Very top management within  CTA. Those who were on hello basis with BP. That falls
under the "Big Cooperation" When the government cooperates with "Select" Big Corporations to eliminate
small businesses.  The down-the-link chain of CTA staff had nothing to do with the process. They are not
allowed in "Select rooms" at that level.

Donlyn's over 300 hundred million in contracts does not include potential from American Airlines, because
each oil company including  "Air BP", that the American Airline's executive contacted in writing on
"American Airline's" letterhead totally ignored any attempts Donlyn made  to pursue working with them.

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In the year 2000 when my daughter, the attorney came to work for Donlyn.  She immediately straightened
out Donlyn's union mess which BP had created. The next thing she did was secure contracts for Donlyn, as
a General contractor moving Boxes for the railroads; that included Burlington Northern Santa Fe, Illinois
Central, Chicago Central and Pacific, Norfolk Southern Corporation and  Union Pacific.... There was no
problems working with any of the railroad. We got the most work from Burlington Northern Santa Fe.  The
fact that the contracts were directly with the rail roads instead of as a sub contractor made "Select" BP
people crazy with "We got to stop Donlyn, who do she think she is "one of us" ? So of course with that
attitude,  hell got hotter for Donlyn....I was moving as fast as I could to get away from BP.  Because of their
money and political might, I just could not run fast enough.

How Donlyn's four employees ended up with over one hundred $ million in contracts in less than two years
: I made the  initial  contacts with all the major bus companies, trains and airlines. I organized the
information, as It was easier to follow up with a major company contact person in 2000-2004 then it is in
2011. I registered and received about 7 seperate State and City useless "DBE" (Disadvantage Business
Enterprise) Certificates including the  "8A"  certificate.  These certificates are suppose to open some-doors-
somewhere for small businesses. I knew they had no value, for me in the oil industry. However, I played the
fool, and sent in the hundreds of pounds of required paper to prove that I was a female, and an African
American, including my birth certificate and  passport.  Everything short of information documenting the
date and name of the slave ship that my ancestors had arrived in America from Africa on to prove
authenticity. The other part of my job was to follow up on all the Bus companies and  railroads to pursue
supplying fuel to them, and anything else that was needed.

My tenacious friend Deborah Ragland came down from Wisconsin to work with me. She followed up with all
the airlines securing  the American Airline support for Donlyn. Ms. Ragland never met in person the
American Airline executive that sent the " referenced letters" on Donlyn's behalf either. She also worked
with the State of Wisconsin in reference to helping Donlyn secure work in Wisconsin. At that time working
with the State of Wisconsin was so-delighful, compared to Illinois and Indiana..............

My daughter took on the Federal  Government Contracts and Compliance duties. Through her relentless
research on  the federal government's "Department of Defense" website and some follow up meetings,
Donlyn begin bidding on Federal oil contracts.
That resulted in a direct tentative award of  $33 Millions with
possible unnamed additional millions as needed.     President Clinton had organized, most of the federal
contracts on the Internet. For the first time people who did not know anyone in government could locate and
bid on federal contracts of their choice.

Patricia Troutman, Donlyn's  Director of Operation helped with all jobs, helping each of us. She also worked
with the two part time  drivers that we had occasional work for.  This was down from the 10 to 15 full time
drivers that she usually worked with.   The four of us worked without pay for most of the four years, before
Donlyn was finally forced to close our doors. There was so many miracles during that four year period ,
which is the reason that I thought  Donlyn was meant to survive the BP Hell. I continued for another five
years until 2009 without success to get the business started again..........

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When you see how many billions of dollars the Big companies earn from government contracts, yet
"Select" big Corporation want to double-padlock all doors, and put steel over the glass ceiling so no middle
class, or  small businesses can possibly enter, its enough to send one over the edge. Those''Select" Big
Corporation are paid for that work with tax payers dollars..... What, and who gives them such a sense of
entitlement, to the point of locking other out when they so-choose, and why does the government allow it?   
They are also paid from the tax payers dollars........

What"Select" companies like BP does is: they will often work with a small business for a while. They do not
pay the Small Businesses adequate rates. The design is for the Small Business to fail long before they
become experienced enough, and capable of getting the financing to qualify for the big contracts on their
own merit. Donlyn was not suppose to survive the roadblocks over the 8 year period of working with BP;
especially after my Amoco Mentor Bob Herron retired, but we did.  Therefore when we did survived , BP had
to raise the bar in anyway that they could to stop Donlyn from going forward, which they did.......

Amoco/BP was extremely difficult to work with, but I was really glad for the opportunity to have a business
in the oil industry –my industry mentors, my staff, friends and family were proud also; To us, it was a sign of
progress. Especially, for an African American female with no family, political connection, or other previous
connection in the oil industry. It was part of the American Dream where just your hard work, the quality of
that work, your Faith in  that you could not see, or touch, and your resilience was suppose to be a ticket to
success in a business of your choice.....

It was America where all things are possible if you are just willing to work hard enough, or so I thought. It
was America, where Equal Rights are practice. It was America where the political system is design to
protect the Equal Rights of the “Small People,” over filling their coffer with dollars for their campaign funds,
and putting in order their financial destiny while in their political office, and setting in place their financial
future for themselves  their families, and personal friends long  after their political future has ended. It was
about all that was supposed to be good when it comes to opportunities in America, or so I thought…  

My belief is that one can't complain about opportunities that they are denied unless they have tried as hard
as possible, doing all that is legally necessary to get the opportunities.  I am not one of those who always
say: someone should do this and that, or why don’t someone do this or that .  I am one of the: I-can do-
people. I learned a lot working with Amoco/BP- from the little-industry lessons to the big life changing
lessons, which I appreciated. Amoco/BP have learned a lot from me also, but I doubt that they would  ever
admit it.

Additionally what BP did to Donlyn hurt the small to medium sizes business who had always been pulling
for my success (the domino reaction). The company that I leased the drivers from in the beginning; there is
an entire chapter related to how he helped Donlyn survive in my book. The tank leasing owner,  the medium
sized oil company, who I purchased fuel from for the Chicago Public school Bus contract, and the Small
business person who I purchased the land from to build our office building in Joliet. They all helped in ways
that were above the call of duty. They did what they could to help, they were hoping for Donlyn's success.
They did not have to help to be good people. Theses are all "white" men, so I repeat, this is not a book about
race; it is about the middle class and its elimination by the U.S. Government and "Select" Big
Corporaction.....The US Government, because they have sold and  taken so much of the power, Human and
Civil Rights from the people, and gave it to "Select" Big Corporations. The question: is it too late  for "We"
the majority people to take back our Human,  Civil Rights  and power?

I do not think it is too late. American People can be tenacious when we feel that we have a reason to be.
Plus in high places, there are a lot of American Airlines and Michelin type Corporations and executives,  who
will just do the "Right Thing", because it is the "Right Thing" to do.... Then again, with me"
Hope Reigns

I will admit, out of the eight politicians I asked for help, Illinois State  Representative, Arthur Turner was  the
only one who respected me and Donlyn's business success, enough to actually call me and double check
the actual law in reference to my oil license. Then he moved accordingly. That is the only way Donlyn got
the Illinois oil license reinstated.... Politically that is  one out of eight. The other 7 was not about to dig too
deep on my behalf. I was left to conclude: that would not have been in their best interest politically......