March 7, 2012

Chief Executive Bob Dudley, BP PLC

Dear Mr. Dudley,

If you are sincere about putting all of BP’s bad deeds behind, in order for BP to go forward, Donlyn Distribution must be paid,
to include restitution, for un-recoverable damage that BP did to destroy me, and my company Donlyn Distribution Inc

I wrote in a March 2007 letter to Tony Hayward, stating that if he did not make real changes in the way that BP did business,
and treated people, he would be leaving as BP’s CEO within 3-5 years.
He actually left the BP CEO position after about
3 years and 7 months
.  I predicted in that letter that without needed changes, BP's profit would go down while he was
CEO, and that he would leave without the credibility that he came into the BP CEO position with. Those predictions came
about, as well. Of course, I am “Small People”, what could I tell him? More CEO’s need to talk-with and listen-to “Small
People.” “Small People” can keep them from appearing, uninformed ,and  out of touch in a world where the majority
population is “Small People”…

Even though, BP changed their name and CEO's over the years, it appears that the ''Core" of BP never changed. Those
changes includes: "BP P.L.C". , also known as "BP Products North America Inc"." BP Amoco Corporation" and Formerly
"Amoco Oil Company"; in 2007, BP changed top Management from John Browne CEO to Tony Hayward CEO. After the BP
Texas Explosion in 2005, Ross Pallari CEO of BP North America was replaced by Robert Malone.... In 2008, Robert Malone
was replaced by Lamar Mackey as CEO of BP North America. With all these changes, BP never changed the way that BP
does business, or how they treat people…. That is BP's problem. It’s like changing your underwear every few years, while
never taking a bath...

And now; Mr. "Robert Dudley, who replaced Tony Hayward on Oct. 1, 2010 promised changes in light of the environmental
disaster. "There's no question we are going to learn things from this investigation of the incident," he said". I actually
believed you, Mr. Dudley, Based upon what I read in reference to your BP TNK Russian experience in Russia, and your
ultimate exit. (BP TNK Russia references attached) it had to be a lesson in humility to say the least; which is something the
BP folk who ran Donlyn into hell, just to be evil,  could have used.. In my case Just being an American with dark skin opens
one up to humility at an early age…
However, it is because of your BP TNK Russian experience that I was encouraged to write to you. It is rare that one of your
status is subject to that level of direct-abuse. The “Our Goal is to Discredit and Destroy You, By any Means Possible, Short
of Murder” that you experienced in the Russian BP TNK, was the same “Our Goal is to Discredit and Destroy You,  By any
Means Possible, Short of Murder,” that my company, Donlyn Distribution and I, received from your U.S.BP-select-staff in

As I read the reports of your experience in Russia, I thought, BP encountered their equal match in the Russians. No Small
Business in the U.S. can survive, once BP decides that they want them gone. Short of murder, it appeared that there was not
a level of evil beneath which, the Russian BP TNK would not go in achieving their goal of discrediting and destroying you
and the BP TNK partnership part of BP, during that period of disagreement.

From your U.S.-BP-staff in Illinois, short of murder, it appeared that there was not a level of evil beneath which, your U.S.BP
staff in Illinois would not go in achieving their goal of discrediting and destroying me and my company Donlyn Distribution.  
The tools used by the Russians BP TNK were different from those used by the Illinois U.S. BP staff, but the projected end
results to discredit and destroy can be achieved using many different tools.

I learned after reading the litigation files from BP that over a number of years BP had set many traps, in which, Donlyn was
suppose to fall into. Had Donlyn fallen into the BP designed traps, we would have put ourselves out of business.  However
by the Grace of God’s favor, we did not. I later learned from those litigation files that BP’s, not-being able to catch me in
their-well positioned-traps, actually scared BP, and they felt threatened, by that which they could not-see, or understand,
therefore they could-not-control.
One example of a BP trap: BP requested that the Illinois Department of transportation audit Donlyn’s files. Then, BP sent one
of their staff to Donlyn’s office as a spy, under the disguise of helping Donlyn get there records in order for the DOT audit
that BP had ordered. The BP staff sent an email after his visit to the Donlyn’s office saying: I don’t think we have to worry,
Donlyn will not pass the Dot audit; meaning we would be out of business if we did not past the audit; that would have given
BP legitimate reasons to breach any Minority contracts or, other work agreements that Donlyn had with BP. (From your
Russians experience you understand that tactic)

However, the BP representative also stated in the same email: Barbara said that she has lived a big part of her life on
miracles, I think she expects another one he said, using a-ha -ha tone. Well, my daughter the attorney and Donlyn’s efficient
office staff check the regulations for what-all-was required, and made sure our files were perfect. The DOT auditor said
Donlyn had some of the best and most organized records that he had seen.

After Donlyn passed the DOT audit with an A+, the BP representative who had been sent by BP as a spy said in another
email, I cannot believe Donlyn passed; there must be something wrong with DOT. BP learned from that experience, so their
next BP planed harassment (Trap), by way of DOT, BP made sure that the DOT field representative was corrupt enough to
harass Donlyn in a way that would help BP accomplish their discredit and destroy goal of Donlyn.

After “Said” trap did not work, in a meeting with two BP employees. I mention that the pay per gallon rate needed to be
increased to accommodate the around the clock services that the Chicago Transit Authority required. He said, well, we can
give you $10,000 per month and you can do-nothing.  Needless to say that was a bribe. I had 10-15 employees four or five
trucks, what was I going to do with $10,000 a month and no work?  Actually that was the trap, I was supposed to take the
$10,000. Then I would be guilty, and no matter what BP did to me and my company, I could not even complain, because the
bribe would have made me just as illegal as the one who offered the bribe. I told my attorney about the bribe offer for
$10,000. She said you did not record it, so it’s your word against theirs. End of subject. However the bribe offer trap had
failed also.
After having so many traps fail, BP decided to do what most companies do, (The ultimate trap) they say you owe them
money. BP said that Donlyn owed them money in reference to a ChicagoTransit Authority contract. Donlyn was the minority
distributor and transporter of the fuel for the CTA buses...

I knew that was a lie. BP knew that I would have to prove the lie. That would take time and again give them a legitimate
reason to breach the contract and all working agreements with Donlyn if I did not prove that their accusation was a lie. Now
that all BP’s other traps have failed, BP raised the bar to the ultimate discredit and destroy method (From your Russian
experience you understand that tactic)

Whatever was going on with Chicago and that CTA contracts continued; the funny thing is, I only noticed the loopholes in the
CTA invoice and billings, because BP’s trap claiming that Donlyn owed them money, forced me to review old CTA billings
invoices, including old and new contracts to prove the claim was not true. Otherwise, I would have never-done the math…

During this process of my proving that I did not owe BP money, and BP trying to prove to the CTA that they had tried to help
Donlyn, a letter surfaced that had been written to the Chicago Transit Authority by a BP in-house attorney. In the letter, the
attorney, not realizing that BP’s offer of the $10,000 was a bride referenced it by saying: BP had made Donlyn an offer, which
Ms Mitchell admittedly refused. Not smart, but another one of BP’s set-traps for Donlyn had failed and backfired. MY attorney
could not believe that the BP’s attorney had put the $10,000 bribe offer in writing not realizing it was illegal.

However, after doing the math it was easy for me to find the hidden disputed dollar-amount-adjustment that BP claimed that
I owed to them; it was in round even numbers, one should never cheat or steal using round even numbers…. That was
another one of those Baptist “Thank you Jesus” moments of what could have gone really- wrong but did not… The back firing
of that trap  frightened BP even more, because apparently, BP thought  with my discovery of hidden dollar amounts in the
CTA billings that I knew more than I did. Actually, I knew BP always cheated Minority sub contractors. We were always just
so thankful to be doing business with the almighty BP. However, At that point I just wanted to complete the two remaining
years of the CTA contract, and be done with the CTA /City of Chicago (the most corrupt city in the US according to studies)
and BP. However that was not to be…
(In all Honesty, I did not feel that I was cheated and abused during asphalt maintenance for, then Amoco, or the short
timethat I did transporting while Bob Herron, my mentor was still working for
However, with the proof , based upon the facts researched,  that proved I did not owe BP money, only made matters worse
for Donlyn, because of  the BP fears, that I knew something that I did not. Therefore,    just in case I had stumbled upon
something that would be harmful to the CTA, City of Chicago and BP if outsiders knew, BP became even more frightened of
the unknown, and the Illinois U.S. staff raised the bar to a 100 percent pursuit of: “Our Goal is to Discredit and Destroy You,
By any Means Possible, Short of Murder”

After I proved Donlyn did not owe BP money, BP just stop paying Donlyn, we worked two weeks before we realized that BP
had just breached the contract and was not going to pay Donlyn. I had some rental property which I had assigned the equity
to BP as part of the line of credit that I had with BP.  Even though, I had proved that I did not owe BP money, BP sent two
people from their staff to the bank that had the mortgage on the property, and collected the collateral from the rental
property.  I was still working 50-60 plus hour work weeks. I was awarded over $100 million in contracts. I was the only
female in the industry qualified to bid and perform at that level. In 2003 &2004, I had the potential to increase those
contracts to over two billion dollars within a 3- 5 years period...  

That was before gas prices more than doubled. With the gas price increases, those and other bids had the potential of being
four to five billion now. The BP harassments continued, and time was running out.  “Said” rental property, my office building,
my personal home, and four other properties all were foreclosed on within a 12 month period. With the new contracts, I had
mortgaged everything trying to stay ahead of the BP sabotage. In the end, I could not get the money to perform the contracts
that I had worked so hard to get…I had drained every resource, just trying to keep Donlyn’s doors open and out-run the BP

There were many miracles, but not enough. I remember one Friday, our phones were turned off. I was on my cell phone with
the phone company for hours trying to get the phones restored to no avail. However, I came to the office that Saturday
morning as I had done the last two years, and noticed the lights on the phones were blanking. The phones were working and
continued to work, for the remaining year in a half (I think) that we were in the building even though, I don’t recall we had the
money to pay the bill.         
The fact that the lights stayed on was a bigger miracles. The only energy source the building had was electrical, heating and
cooling. The bill would have been over one thousand dollars per month, but for some reason the light company only billed us
for less than $100.00 every month. I knew it was a mistake, but like all of my other hopes, I just paid the small amount,
hoping that by the time the light company found their mistake, I would have the money to send the correct amount. They did
not find the mistake until after Donlyn had been evicted from the building…
During that period, I felt like I was trying to swim to the top of the rain, BP was doing so many evil, mean crazy things to
Donlyn just for the fun of it.; BP had a IL State DOT field inspector come to my office in Joliet, harass my staff and he filed a
report saying that the licenses plates on my trucks were not registered to Donlyn. It was a lie, but it was the distraction that
BP knew would cost me precious time to it clear up.

BP had the State of Indiana cancel my oil licenses and refuse to renew the Indiana oil license, (From your Russian
experience with the Visas you understand that tactic) I had to waste time getting that cleared up. All the time I am wasting
with the BP designed distraction, the clock on Donlyn’s fixed assets cost is running, and I am not making money. Of course,
BP knew that I could only last but so long, which is why they consistently continued their harassing distraction on Donlyn;
they were checking my credit every 30 days to see how much higher they needed to raise the bar to speed-up Donlyn’s
demise.  The young man whom I communicated with at DUN & Bradstreet, the credit rating company, even, joined the BP
discredit and destroy game. It I did ultimately work with a Dun & Bradstreet supervisor. She did what she could I guess.

However, for me such a little company who could never compete with the 100 year old BP, the question was why?   
Whatever Donlyn earned working with BP, BP earned five times as much off Donlyn’s work. BP’s sabotage toward Donlyn
was still present through 2008, as I was bidding on Federal contracts with the Defense Department.  

Mr. Dudley, I think that you could truly make the changes in how BP does business, and become a leader and role model for
other Corporations in dropping the cannibalistic business elimination model, of to be successful; one needs to take it all, by
any means necessary, even if the one they are fighting have no weapons of mass destruction.
I do not know, if even BP knows how much of a lost BP TNK Russia, with all the fighting, cost BP over-all, before things got
back on track, but common sense tells me it was a  huge lost dollar-wise and manpower.

Donlyn was not even a fly on the wall by size comparison to BP fighting for   BP TNK Russia, but the lost to Donlyn caused
by BP to Donlyn was even more devastating; Donlyn had nowhere to fall, but to the ground, and the blacklisting by BP
continued even after Donlyn’s doors was closed. Allegedly BP was a blind initiator of the purchase of the Joliet foreclosed
building and land that I had purchased. So even, if I got money somehow, I could not get it back. That was so evil.

There was no one I could get to help. Not a single politician had enough courage to say to BP you are wrong, let Donlyn
finish the CTA two year contract and go from there, even the witnesses for the CTA said Donlyn did a good job, and gave
Donlyn a good reference whenever we requested one from them, even after BP shut Donlyn down.

It was like Russia; in the end Russian controls Russian. BP was an outsider. In the US, BP’s check book controls all. I had
no rights. That’s why I said BP encountered its’ equal match in Russia. Each was equal in their ability to be just as evil as
the other, but in the end, the Russian had Russia on their side. As a Black American, I had no one in high places with enough
courage to be on my side. Number one I was a Black  female American, who had no right to be in the oil business number
two, number  three BP could pay them off, I had no money now.

Additionally, as it applied to Donlyn, BP had the CTA, Politician, media and parts of the Federal government under its
control.  That is why during the time that the March 2007 letter to Tony Hayward was written, my thoughts were “God” “if
there is Hell below, BP is sure going to go. I have “no might against this great company that cometh against us; neither do
we know what to do’’.  When the petition in reference to the “Deepwater spill” stated:” BP knocked a hole in Hell”. I thought,
if anyone is capable of knocking a hole in Hell, its BP…. BP is the U.S. model of “Russia” on US soil, when it comes to “Our
Goal is to discredit and destroy you, by any Means Possible, Short of Murder”.

I do hope under your leadership that statement can be changed to doing business with BP was a model of doing business
with Russia, on US soil until Dudley became CEO.

In that March 7, 2007 letter to Tony Hayward I wrote: “BP spent millions of dollars on Fox TV Advertising and others in their
sabotage against Donlyn, just because they could. That was evil. Then Tony Hayward lie, saying the case was without
merit. He knows the BP-way. He knew the case was dismissed, because BP’s sabotages made sure Donlyn would not have
any money to pay for the litigation to continue. Yet, he continues to lie, and deny Donlyn justice by financial compensation.
The universe will take from BP in billion dollar folds what BP has taken from Donlyn. That is currently in motion. I admit that
is my wish for BP and beyond, since that is the only way to call BP’s attention to the depth of their created human evils
From March 2007 T.H. Letter.
Since I wrote that prediction, in 2007, it appears that BP lost in billion dollar  folds, $150 to $200 billion in true market value
lost, including drilling-leases-loss or delayed, assets sold-off below value, and other Deepwater related expense; that being,
with or without the disastrous Russia-deals; of course that depends on the purpose, for which, the "loss" is to benefit.

I found it interesting that the liens, that I filled 06/2007 against BP, equals approximately $1.5 billion, and the true market
value loss for BP was approximately $150 to $200 billion.
0717339134 LIEN 06/22/2007 MITCHELL BARBARA BP PLC ($500,000.000.00)
0717339135 LIEN 06/22/2007 DONLYN DISTRIBUTION INC. BP PLC ($999.999,999.00)

"The universe will take from BP in  billion dollar folds what BP has taken from Donlyn". That statement gives me chills, even
now, but BP was so cruel to Donlyn, We became a BP WAR game with no place to go for help but the Divine, even though, we
had no weapons. I knew something universally really bad had to happen to BP, just to remind BP that they were not the
ultimate controlling force on earth. Even now, unless there have been some major spiritual changes within BP, BP cannot
change .In fact, I would not be surprised if after someone from BP read this letter, they are thinking: what the hell is she
talking about?

However, I am hoping that you will agree to pay Donlyn for the Evil that BP did to me and Donlyn. Some time, good comes
from Bad.  Had you not-had the bad experience with Russia, BP TNK, you probably would not have been available to do your
current dream job. If I am paid, I have my dream businesses; some were in the making, before the BP trip to Hell.  They have
absolutely nothing to do with oil, that goal BP accomplished. As working with BP, US, was right up there, for me, like
working with BP TNK-Russia in Russia. I have my causes that I want to support. It is arrogance that big Corporation often
think that they can do everything better, and only the causes that they deem valuable, have value.  

I want to close this awful BP/Donlyn chapter. However, it will never be closed until BP pays me for the damages that BP did
to Donlyn, never… Even if I am dead, if I have not been paid by BP, the chapter remains open forever…
No matter how much money and power one has, we all need special Divine favor.  In the oil and energy industry, no one
needs it more. I believe by you doing the right thing and paying Donlyn, just, because it is the right thing to do that ‘Doing
Right” will bring BP some much needed Divine favor going forward, Which BP desperately needs. All eyes will be watching
BP going forward wondering if Robert Dudley, 2010 “promised changes” was just another BP lie…

When I was privileged to be in the oil industry, I tried to do the right thing. My employees loved working for Donlyn. That was
reflected in their quality and quantity of work. That   “Right Thing” protected me from more BP traps than I will ever know. It
manifested in Donlyn delivering 70 million gallons of fuel, 8 to 10 thousand gallons per load, using two and occasionally
three trucks, running 20 hours, 6 days per week safely. That was in a 12 month period.  

There were so many things that could have gone wrong on any given day, but did not. I think the Donlyn success is what
frightened a small circle within BP, because Donlyn did so-much well, with so-little. That made the small BP circle look bad.
When a BP supervisor asked me what I did to motivate the Donlyn Drivers to work so hard, I told him what our incentive plan
was, not smart. The BP supervisor took the Donlyn incentive plan raised the bar in creating the BP driver plan based upon
Donlyn’s plan, and cut the number of loads dispatch was allowed to issue to the Donlyn drivers; example: if I gave the
Donlyn Drivers a $50.00 saving bond for loads over a particular number delivered safely, BP’s incentive plan gave the BP
drivers   $100.00. I would not have objected to that so much, but to suddenly cut the number of loads to the Donlyn drivers
also, was   Evil….

Additionally, Donlyn was a company run by all women with drivers of all nationalities. No two looked the same, or dressed
the same. I respected them for who they were, and the work they did. I learned after the fact that, BP would send drivers to
Donlyn to be hired and trained, than after a year of the drivers working with Donlyn, BP would hire them….

AD Connors, previous owner of Gas city, a well established white male transporter among other businesses received an
award from BP for rendering quality service to BP at a much higher cost to BP, while Donlyn was put-out of business for
rendering equally   higher quality of service to BP at a lower cost. I know that because of the litigation records Donlyn
received from BP for the trial.
I tell you these few random facts about BP, just in case you did not know that BP US treat their own in the US, like –BP-TNK-
Russia treated BP-US-Briton when BP-US- Britons was on Russian soil un-wanted…..I think you will admit that was not a
good feeling. Maybe you can understand the meaning a little more in reference to treating others as you like to be treated;
that’s something that many in the Big corporate world seem to have no-knowledge of. It does not have to be that way to

I am still not sure why BP was so threaten, by me.  BP, a 100 year company. Their first real test of humility was probably
doing the 2010 spill:  
Tony Hayward interview . Small businesses CEO’s go through not knowing how they are going to make
the payroll every month. And in my case you have those worries, and someone like BP stomping on you, because you look
like you are having the time of your life. In some ways you are, but it’s not with the security that the big Corporation
employees have.

It’s true that I had gotten to a level that no other female in the US had gotten to, especially when I started being awarded
Federal contract and attracting client like American Airline and Michelin tire, but BP was evil even before that. And no
matter what I was never going to be more than a fly on the wall in reference to BP.

I think that BP really thought I knew about some back-room dealings in reference to money pay offs, for lack of a better word,
with the CTA, City of Chicago, the oil contracts and BP, if there was or is, I do not know of it.

The BP commercial with the Black lady talking about what BP is doing in the gulf is  meant to program in the subconscious
minds that BP is good to “Black folk,” therefore anything Barbara Mitchell say negative about BP has to be a lie.   Now you
and I know that’s Bull Shit, Which is the reason my only hope when it came to BP had to be in from a Divine source, with
that sort of BP commercial brainwashing year after year.

If my personal BP story was as fully marketed, how many people will believe it over the subliminal brain washing of the
Black female in your current commercial is yet to be seen.

That commercial shows often on anyone’s computer if they have ever researched anything about BP.
I cannot get the 10 years of my life back, but I can make up for some lost time. There is a lot that I can and will do when I
have the finance, and none of it has anything to do with BP, beyond blocking my computer from the BP commercials…which I
can do now if I just take the time…

Thank you,
Barbara Mitchell

PS, Mr. Dudley please response to this writing immediately; within 7 days, or by March 17, 2012. Let me know if you plan to
Pay Donlyn, or not, and if so when.
CC: Carl-Henric Svanberg, lain Conn, Brian Gilvary, Byron Grote, Paul Anderson, Frank “Skip” Bowman,  Antony Burgmans,
Cynthia Carroll, Sir William Castell, George David, lan Davis, Brendan Nelson,Phuthuma Nhleko, Andrew Shilsston
(March 16, 2007,” Mr. Dudley’s response was “While BP and Mr. Dudley understand your frustration, your case was litigated
and the court entered a Judgment for BP. Therefore BP considers this matter closed”.   

The results from my letter to Robert Dudley was the same as the results that I received from Tony Hayward in 2007.
However I noticed that is B P's canned response. So the band plays-on….  

March 19, 2012 at 6:56 am by Bloomberg: "BP whistle-blower says Gulf Atlantis facility remains unsafe BP said in its own court filings
that Atlantis is safe and that Abbott’s complaints were dismissed by federal regulators who investigated the issue after the
April 2010 blowout of BP’s Macondo well drilled by the Deepwater Horizon”.     Various forms of this statement is common
from BP, when BP has either lied, or bought their way out of a crime… -

It appears that the BP respect of any law is based upon BP’s Profitability evaluation of whether breaking “said law” would
cost BP more than, BP would earn by not-breaking “said law”. The BP-WAY for example: by breaking “said law” BP can earn
an additional three billion dollars.

It takes about a year for the authorities to legally accuse BP, and another year for the accusations to move within the courts.
BP is going to fight the case for another three to five years occasionally
14 years see-–Tanzania attached-  at a cost of a few
million dollars. In the mean-time the several billion dollars that BP received by breaking the law has moved on to earn an
additional ten to twenty billion dollars legally: when BP becomes tired of "said" legal fight, BP will offer two to three million
to settle the case. There-by, breaking “said
law” was extremely profitable for BP…

I doubt the BP “profitability of breaking the law” rule is written in any BP manual. Nevertheless it has proven earning power
for BP. If anyone chooses to do the investigation, it would give an attorney, who thinks far beyond the square box, an
interesting slant on Illegal/legal money laundering.

Additionally, BP knows that, financially, it is unlikely that the party filing the case against BP can continue "Said filings."

Therefore the case is ultimately dismissed, not-because it was ruled: that BP was-not-guilty, but because financially, the
other party could not continue the filings in a timely manner.

Changes to make a better-world are not made by Governments, but people who do good in spite of, and far-beyond what the
governments require. Even though, considering BP's past wickedness, BP is not a representation of good-people,
representing a good Corporation, there are some good Corporations made up of good people; as long as they exist, there is
hope for a better world...