In Spite Of… I Stand,”  represents the garden of my life.  In the garden there are
many flowers, some more enduring than others-and a few weeds.

Each topic is symbolic of a flower or a weed in my life.  As for weeds, their
proximity to flowers are often so close that more times than not they intertwine
while fighting for-control and to ultimately destroy. You will notice this in many
topics of this writing.  Each topic indicates the yin or yang in my life’s journey.


My journey began in the mid 1940’s with me as a little girl growing up on a farm
in Mississippi. In the early 1960’s-armed with farm girl’s values-I relocated to
Chicago, Illinois looking for a “Promised Land’.

I Thank God that I brought the values that I learned as a farm girl with me; only
the Divine knew just how much I would need them!   The writing takes you from
the late 1940’s to April, 2011.
It continues through the valleys, peaks, flowers and weeds of my life’s journey. This Includes how my children’s life choices
gave me “validated” seats in “Select” section of a “Promised Land” that I might not have otherwise been privileged to enjoy.
From interaction during my daughter's  Ivy league undergraduate experience  to her European law school training. I visited
Europe for the first time in 1997.  The Notre Dame experience: My son played football at ND, and graduated from there. He
played  9 years in the NFL. The joy of NFL Sundays was amazing. “In Spite of I Stand”, demonstrates that “All Things are
Possible,"  to a point..
Regardless, make good memories. .They can make you smile when all else fails..

I recently graduated from John Casablanca's Model and Talent school-Atlanta. I am currently modeling and focusing on
humanitarian work to implement multi cultural education.  There are other weak area in education.  The evolving of the United
States have made it necessary to upgrade education beyond technology.
The last three paragraphs below are from the Introduction written 2011. The first paragraph from Politics written
1/17/18 below proves
with me, Hope, continuing to reign eternally often comes to past.

1.I believe  individuals, who are in a position to make a difference  must take the lead to save the middle class.  I was
impressed that Wall Mart raised the minimum wage to  $11.00 and hour in January 2018. They also agreed to pay a
bonus of  $400.00 to $1,000.00 to each employee. As an employer, the transition could have been smother. However,
the change is a big deal. They could have just pocked the funds that the new tax cut will give them. No government
was going to complain..

Any place in the book where I have referenced “Big corporations”, please mentally add the word “Select”.   You will
also notice as you read, that I encountered several “Big Corporations” who, (in my garden of business life), were
definitely flowers of the brightest hues representing hope. What was so amazing about theses Big Corporate “Flowers”
was that they were not only good people, but they respected the Federal government’s compliance “Idea” enough to
just follow them above and beyond the call of duty. This was done in-spite of the fact, based upon my personal
experience  2000 through 2009, the Federal government, seldom   (if ever), enforced the written contractual obligations
governing Big corporations doing business with Minorities, Women and Small Businesses.

That being said, after reading all the bad stuff that big corporations like BP  have done to eliminate Small Businesses,
one might conclude that therein lays the answer- one big corporate “Blossom of hope” at a time.  A “Big” Corporation,
big enough to do the “Right Thing”, just because it is the “Right Thing” to do,  might serve to inspire others to help the
American economy get off life-support.

On the other hand, my coming from the “Golden Rule”/ Social Service background, occasionally I have tried to inspire
select big corporations to do the right thing by shaming them for their evil acts. However some years ago, I  recall one
day  while writing a letter of complaint to BP about their evil infractions against my company ,  I  explained the situation
to my daughter, an attorney, who gave me an attorney's wise respond : “Ma, you are wasting your time; that’s like
counseling the “Devil” to become a better “Christian.”   I ultimately realized this insightful truth. However, with me,
Hope, continues to reign eternally” -
The Age of Aquarius
“Ma, you are wasting your
time; that’s like counseling the
“Devil” to become a better
“Christian.”   I ultimately
realized this insightful truth.
However, with me, Hope,
continues to reign eternally”
Barbara Mitchell
Donlyn Short Summary "The Life of