Written 2011
The examples referencing  the” Destroyer weeds” represent my personal experience of doing business with BP. They
were a major stop, encompassing many facets-experienced by so many who were in search of a “promised land”.   Many
of the examples demonstrate how connected the government and “Select’’ Big corporations have become. To me for the
government to do nothing to stop the elimination of the middle Class means that it, not only, support the elimination, but
participates by cooperating  in the process.   I demonstrate how the Pendulum for this elimination is in motion. Once in
motion, the pendulum swings independently. Because the negative “Domino” effects, thousands of M
iddle Class
Americans are reduced to Poor Americans with every complete swing. My personal journey with BP,   gives clear examples
of how “select” Big corporations and the U.S. Government cooperate with each other for the good of the “select” Big
corporations. From where I stood during the years 2000 through 2009, I saw an America controlled by what I label:
“Big-cooperations” for the good of a select few Americans. .

My story is just one of hundreds of  thousands. I refer to BP because it reflects my true personal experience in which my
“Company” was broken down step by step and destroyed by BP.  It also demonstrates how the unspoken rules of politics  
joined-in, and play a major role in
eliminating the American Middle Class. This elimination includes installing steel over
“select   glass ceiling” to limit the break through to only a “select” few, who have reserve seating in “select” rooms. This is
occurring as “select” governmental policy enforces, and gate keepers collect campaign funds to look the other way. This   
gives  “select” Big corporations the power to do what they please unless, or until "Something Happens" that  gives  
undeniable  evidence that the Government cannot deny being a “figure Head”  with reference to particular situations like
with the “ BP Deep water” disaster-the
worst offshore oil spill in U.S. History as of July 2010 . The saddest thing of all
about so many politicians, from where I stand, is they do not seem to think long-term or deeply enough to even recognize
the damage done to the Americans that they claim to love.  If they cared about the damages being done, they would not
look away from Americans-majority-needs, in favor of immediate big corporate campaign contributions.

"Recent analyses have shown that income inequality in the US has grown steadily for the past three decades and reached
its highest level on record, exceeding even the large disparities seen in the 1920s, before the Great Depression. Norton
and Ariely estimate that the
one percent wealthiest Americans hold nearly 50 percent of the country's wealth, while the
richest 20 percent hold 84 percent of the wealth." I do not resent the 50 percent being wealthy, but I strongly resent the
fact that so-many of  the 50 percent are allowed to quash all efforts made by so-many of the Middle Class to, even, remain
middle class. Even worst while the
quashing of the Middle Class is done by this "select many" of the wealthy,  the US
government has done little to nothing to, even, slow the process.. My true experience represents working with BP as a
contractor, and trying to get someone in the US government to simply enforces the compliances that are written by the US
government to protect small businesses, and not a single representative would, or was capable of helping because it was
The" Mighty" BP.....  

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Continuing to eliminate the American Middle Class and allowing select big corporations to engage in cannibalism-like
behavior toward small businesses, guarantees that there will be fewer business leaders.  Additionally it guarantees that
there will  always be enough hard-working  people for theses-big corporations to manipulate and have functioning as
robots in  whatever way deemed financially beneficial  to the heads of theses  “Big cooperations “ (my word created when
government and "select" Corporations work as one, for the benefit of "select" Corporations) This type of control can only
stifle and ultimately stop any progressive growth of America. It leaves "One" little choice but to work for, and be controlled
by the “Big cooperations.” No matter the value, or improvement one might otherwise bring to the, now, global society as a
small business, with the freedom to pursue One's dream and earn a respectable wage…

Having fewer Small Businesses also makes it easier to control the earning capacities of more people; it strengthen the
political power of the big Corporation; they have more money, they can buy more politicians; Just because it “Ain’t” Pretty
Doesn’t Mean It ‘’Ain’t”True. It is, what it is from my personal experiences.

A simple clear third grade example: Think about the word “monopoly,” which means possessing all or nearly all of the
power, and the word
“antitrust”, which was designed to prevent monopolies. What happened to the antitrust laws; have
they been eliminated?  For all practical  purposes to list a few, the US has one electrical company supplying the major  
percentage of the  needs of all Americans, one gas company supplying the majority of households as well as  most
commercial gas needs.   There are two companies supplying the majority
access to the Internet and related technological
services with little competition. What can the government do, if any one of these companies take a” Stand” to do whatever
they want to in reference to servicing the customers.

The integrity of a company is questionable any time one has to wait on the phone 15 minutes to an hour to discuss their
accounts. When it comes to sincerely valuing their customers they are as caring as the robotic voice on the other end
which repeats “We Appreciate Your Business”. Why should theses companies respect and appreciate their customers
when the customer’s only choice is to do without, or deal with them. For  example: the government could talk big talk, but
ultimately they had to rely on BP to clean up the Deep water spill, because the Federal Government did not know how to
clean it up at the time of the BP Deep water spill in April 2010. However President AMA  was being criticized for not
speaking kind of BP, in order to do-right by the people in the Gulf,
he also saved BP from financial ruins…..Strangely the
Only person to reference that was Tony Hayward...... Of course you will see Tony Hayward is not a favorite in my life
when you read
my letter to him dated March 2007

MY journey toward the “Promised Land” was as bumpy as it was full of growth and joy,   yet a lot of progress was made.
Then, in the worst way, "Something Happened"... My encounters begin with the ultimate “Bitterweed”, the oil company
“BP.”  From 2000 to 2009, BP was my “Hell”; using their controlling influence and financial might”, they worked to stop any
money producing activity available to my company that the “BP” money and connection could smother. A few politicians
and government agencies whose job it is to promote justice, joined in with BP as “Bitterweeds” also. When I reached out to
them for help, they just assumed that BP was “always right”.

They admired the ’’bigness’’ of BP and its money. Therefore, they ignored all of the damages that BP was doing to my
company and others even though I reported them in a timely manner. No value or respect was given to the work that we
did as a Small Business.

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Therefore, after  20 years in the Asphalt and oil related  business-just  as I was  turning  the corner and entering the-
section-where I-would-benefits  from  a    ” Promised land”, BP ran ahead of me, and set-up road blocks in every direction.
Apparently “this” was an extremely “limited” section of the “Promised Land” where only “those” with reserved seating were
allowed to enter; later that clarified the “political Blindside.” With this realization, I encountered growth that, personally,   I
felt that I could have lived without, but apparently the Divine disagreed with me; here I was forced to grow beyond my
boundaries very quickly, armed only with my faith in God. In hindsight, I understand why the Divine allowed me to
experience this type of barrier. Maybe my story can inspire others to “Stand” and perhaps it will inspire more Corporate
and political flowers to do the “Right Thing” just because it is the” “Right Thing” to do.

Had it not been for the found mental and spiritual foundations inbred  in me by my grandmother during childhood, I would
not have been able to endure the torture of BP, the Bitterweed’s;  their  torture set in motion a financial downturn that
resulted in my  20 year old business crumbling , no matter how hard I worked to keep the pieces together; the domino
effect  resulted in my receiving   5  eviction notices in less than a year, from five separate  properties; the properties
included my personal home and  office building.

Over a four-year period, I had “worked” the chapter 13 restructuring remedy to death trying to borrow time to minimize my
lost... Yet, because of BP’s influence and financial “might” their road blocks were always ahead of my efforts to get the
time that I needed. Even though at the time of the eviction notices, my 50-60 hour work weeks over the same four-year
period, had resulted in my company’s amassing approximately $100,000,000.00 (million) in pre awarded Federal and other
oil contracts, eviction’s-doomsday was still arriving. (
one hundred million in the oil-world is not a lot) The contracts were to
be completed over a two to three year period.  That would have giving me the finance that I needed to cover all of my debt
including the Real Estate…It would have also enabled me to develop the additional small businesses that I was working on
and creating jobs.....Each of the pre-awarded contracts had the possibility of doubling in size and being extended beyond
the two to three years.  

One can’t begin to imagine the gut-wrenching pain I felt watching my life’s work vanish. I had to remember to remain calm
in the midst of the relentless  “BP’’ storm. Even though, I often felt I was trying to swim to the “top of the rain” to stop the
down pour,   I needed to keep my feet planted solid on the ground. I knew that being hostile was a waste of time and
energy. So I spent time meditating and praying. This helped me to be still, listen for wisdom and summon up the courage I
needed to preserver, keep working and doing the “Right Thing”.                                                   
Part of” BP’s strategy was to torture me into giving up, by breaking me down so low financially and emotionally that I felt
lower than, “the belly of a cock roach”. Once accomplished, they  gambled that  their torture would push me over  the edge
of  “sanity”;   which , would give them the opportunity   to publicly label me “Crazy” , thereby,  discrediting  me so no one
would believe anything negative that I said about BP. They play these mind games of, “Bingo, Gotcher”!  And BP walks
away totally unscathed. The “Break Them Down, and Discredit” game” is one of the top mind games in the  “Bitterweed’s”
world; they know that it is always easier and more expedient to do the “Wrong Thing”, because they have accumulated a
lot of experience and money doing the “wrong thing”.

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In spite of continuing to get up after each BP knock down, the falls were extremely painful;  At that particular time in my life
it hurt deeply to  watch the things that I had given so much of my life to, broken an taken by BP, just because they could.  
The thought of having to stoop and re build a business again  “with worn-out- tools”, as I had used to build the  businesses
the first time was an unbearable thought; and even worst , the tools that I used in the 1980’s and early 1990’s to start a
business will not work during this current “BigCooperation”  technological robotic age. Also, since “911”, most days are
“Cloudy” days for small businesses in the oil industry.

Obviously,  BP  took  pleasure in watching just how fast my company would fall as a result of their choking; but  of course,
that was the purpose of BP’s sabotage.  BP was checking my credit report it appeared, every 30 days during their
sabotage to me, and my company to verify just how fast I was falling. This was to help BP determine how high they needed
to raise their “bar”, for their next round of sabotages against my company and me personally.

BP’s personal pleasure in their victories against me and my company, to include all the surrounding devastating financial
fall-out that would follow, added fuel to the fire of my pain caused when I could not execute the approximate one hundred
million in oil business that my company had worked so hard to acquire.  BP’s cannibalism-like behavior toward my small
company would not have impacted BP’s survival in any manner; the only purpose served was BP’s personal amusement
from flaunting their powerful connection and using their financial might to destroy my company.…..

On the other hand, is it really winning when the fighter uses their political and financial buying power to purchase all
weapons that might be available to the object of their war? Absence of financial might and any visible power including
political, made my only weapons, hard work, perseverance and faith in God.

My living the BP sabotaging ways made me realize when the “BP” types takes one down, their intent is to use their political
connections and money to guarantee that one does not rise again… With this revelation, "Something Happened."
Seemingly from out of nowhere, as soon as, I acknowledged BP’s torture plan of breaking me down, I remembered,” But
BP is not God.” The light of this revelation renewed my strength like a resilient enduring tenacious flower, which emerges
from hibernation in season…  

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Once again my childhood training as well as having won many, seemingly impossible, adult battles, including having
encountered many earthly Angles along the way., had prepared me to stay calm and focused, meditate, pray and listen;
this preparation enabled me to continue working, and using the “pen” instead of the “sword”; That is exactly what I did for
nine years, or maybe ten years since it is the tenth year December 22, 2010, and I am now writing this book…

I believe if the BP executives, who ordered and approved the torture to me and my company, had been forced to walk a
half mile in my shoes, they would have literally killed themselves. I also believe likewise in reference to “Select”
politician….. This is based upon those who seem to have killed themselves for far less than I endured…

No one, even President Obama, seems to acknowledge the harmful   effects that certain “Bigcooperations” (spelled by my
design) have on the economy when they eliminate U.S. Small Businesses-just because they can. I acknowledge that
President Obama and “Company” had a lot to fix just to “keep the lights on” of a government that was 80 percent broken
as of 2009, but I hope the “Bigcooperations elimination of  small businesses-in-record-numbers is on their broken, but”
must fix it”  list.

My personal experience, using my true examples of BP as a “ Bitterweed”,among the worst, details how America’s current
political system fails Small Businesses in favor of” Select” Big Corporations; this  collaboration is responsible  for millions
of jobs lost nationwide, which has been disastrous for the economy. The long term effect has yet to be fully assessed.

Does the examples referenced within “In Spite of I Stand” imply that those included in the “Bigcooperations” collaboration
are corrupt, despicable, evil, cowardly people, no it does not, It simply emphasizes how  they are products of our (the
American peoples creations) and they do what they feel that they  have to do, to keep their jobs.   I see the situation as a
runaway train ; the “select” few who knows “where the bones are buried”, and want to apply the brakes, but cannot,
because of decades of short sighted deals made behind the scene, including global financial investment commingling.
Theses “special arrangements” were designed to benefit only a select few Americans, without considering the  long- term
damage to the majority of Americans.

Based upon my experience with “Said “  system  to apply the brakes now that many of the “long term damages” have
arrived,  and  the decades of trial and error have finally entrenched those deals in the system, It appears that only world
devastation will force needed corrections.. Or, on the other hand, it might be possible for a  US president and “Company”
(who will be hated by 49 , percent of the world), because he/she will do what benefits the majority of the American people,
regardless of  the fact that the remaining 39  of the 49 percent do not know that they also need rescuing.   Decades of
those short sighted deals makes viable, much needed solutions, appear even  more  devastating and being  paralyzed by
this fear, we endure the suffering, and just let the train run until destiny applies the brakes, and Destiny always does….
Ask any Historian. It’s just a matter of time….
"Something always Happens"

(Any place in the book where I have referenced “big corporations”, please mentally add the word “Select”.   You will also
notice as you read, that I encountered several “Big Corporations” who, (in my garden of business life), were definitely
flowers of the brightest hues representing hope. What was so amazing about theses Big Corporate “Flowers” was that
they were not only good people, but they respected the Federal government’s compliance “Idea” enough to just follow
them above and beyond the call of duty. This was done in-spite of the fact, based upon my personal experience  2000
through 2009, the Federal government, seldom   (if ever), enforced the written contractual obligations governing Big
corporations doing business with Minorities, Women and Small Businesses.

That being said, and after reading all the bad stuff that big corporations like BP  have done to eliminate Small Businesses,
one might conclude that therein lays the answer- one big corporate “Blossom of hope” at a time.  A “Big” Corporation, big
enough to do the “Right Thing”, just because it is the “Right Thing” to do,  might serve to inspire others to help the
American economy get off life-support.

On the other hand, my coming from the “Golden Rule”/ Social Service background, occasionally I have tried to inspire
select big corporations to do the right thing by shaming them for their evil acts. However some years ago, I  recall one day  
while writing a letter of complaint to BP about their evil infractions against my company ,  I  explained the situation to my
daughter, an attorney, who gave me an attorney's wise respond : “Ma, you are wasting your time; that’s like counseling the
“Devil” to become a better “Christian.”   I ultimately realized this insightful truth. However, with me, Hope, continues to
reign eternally” -
The Age of Aquarius
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