The health care reform is a little different, from the financial reform. There is a Divine side and catch 22 to the health care
reform that gives us hope, because "Dead" people don't buy drugs. Regardless of the percentage of the American people in
that 39 percent that I reference in the introduction.  They might feel its better to just let select people die, because of the fear
that health care for them might cause ‘Said” peoples insurance premiums to increase. I see denying a sick person medical
care as the same as saying just
let them die.      Also Including is that  percentage of politicians, who have the best of health
care insurance, thinking its okay to let “select” people die; apparently, because that is the only way select politician can think
of to balance the Social Security budget.

In other words they want to take the easy lazy road, rather than use some hard work creating more real jobs, like
manufacturing and farming on American soil. Additionally getting back at least 50 percent of the Corporate jobs that we have
farmed out to other countries.

Also allowing our schools to get back to focusing on excellence, rather than
dumbing-down,  training  the students to think   
creatively, and do their work, while feeling respected and needed for a job well done; those jobs combined would balance
the Social Security budget without killing off about 100 million people, who are newly retired and getting close to
retirement….. The new jobs created would have more people paying into social security. I know that is simple, but
apparently there are politician who do not understand that logic.

Contributing to the social security problems is the fact that the U.S. lost so many jobs and the continued high unemployment
is still a problem, again that is simple, but apparently not understood by many politician enough to offend some of the big-
Corporation who have sent so many jobs out of the US, because that would mean lost of campaign contributions.

I repeat "not-to-worry" about being left to die, because "Dead people Don’t Buy drugs.

For the break down of the health-care reform's  Divine catch 22 and more, I hope that you will buy the book as soon as it is
published.  Thank you for reading this, and please pass it on.............Barbara Mitchell  
Dead People Don't Buy Drugs